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Some of the most commonly asked questions:
How does RunWage work?
RunWage provides many different levels of fun and challenging running programs with a twist – financial accountability. Pick a game that fits your current fitness level, sign up and join the game, do the runs and document your results! It really is that simple. Once we verify that you completed the challenge requirements, you get paid back the money you put in, plus some! (or a gear prize depending on the individual game incentive)
What makes it effective?
RunWage works because it’s fun and challenging!

It also works because losing your hard-earned money sucks. There are endless programs that simply require you to pay the money and you’re on your own from there. RunWage is different – not only do we hold you accountable by making sure you check in (and penalize for not doing so), but we coach you through the challenge to help you win!
How does a RunWage challenge work?
There are several different kinds of games, but here is the overall process:
1. Sign up for any of the currently available challenges within the app or here on the website.

2. Open the corresponding week/day workout for your challenge and do the run.
*Please note – you must use an external app for tracking and screenshot verification. RunWage does not have an in-app running tracking feature yet.*

3. Complete at least 90% of the workouts on the corresponding days, swipe left on the day to mark them green (see example video here) and post a screenshot of your running stats on the “Verification” page.
How does verification & payment work?
Once our referees have verified that you completed the required amount of runs corresponding to the dates of your particular challenge, money will be sent to your PayPal account (other methods of money transfer can be made upon exception).
Can I join a game already in progress?
Unfortunately, once a challenge has started and is past Day 1, you won’t be able to join. We are working on additional features to the app to allow this process to happen, but for now it will not be allowed.
What if I lost my run stats?
So you go for your 2.5 mile run and it doesn’t save or the screenshot disappears! 😲 Not to worry! Simply email explaining the circumstances and our referees will work with you to adjust the challenge for you.
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