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Programs That Fit Your Goals
We've got you covered with fresh and updated running programs to achieve whatever your particular running goal is. 

Use these programs to:
 Improve Your 5k Time
 Build to a Half-Marathon
 Train for a Marathon
 And much more....
Challenges That Push You
Whether you are a new runner, fell out of the sport and want to return, or whatever your situation is, we have a game for you. These challenges are perfect for the upcoming holiday season!

RunWage is here to help you get every benefit you can out of your running experience.

There is a challenge for many different goals you might be seeking as a novice or advanced runner, and we are adding new ones all the time!
 My First 5K
 Build to 5 Miles
 50 Miles in 30 Days
 20 For 20
Products and Giveaways That Reward You
We use a very specific system to reward you for putting in that hard work! Not only does RunWage force you to put a little bit of "skin in the game," but we reward you with REAL CASH AND PRODUCTS for completing our programs and challenges!

Seems to good to be true? - That's what everyone thinks until they actually try it.

There are no "points" or "coins" that you gather along your running journey, while never seeming to build up the 1,000,000 points it takes to earn a bracelet or whatever.

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Upcoming Challenges
My 5k Threshold
Designed to help you train for your first 5k (or any 5k for that matter!)
 Begins 11/4/2019
50 Miles in 30 Days
Log at least 50 miles in a 30-day stretch.
 Begins 11/18/2019
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